QuantConnect - Specialty Platform


QuantConnect provides a comprehensive IDE designed by algo traders for algo traders. Built on the Lean Algorithmic Trading Engine, an open source cloud-based trading platform designed in C#. QuantConnect not only provides a design-environment it also connects some of the most sophisticated algorithmic traders in the open-source community together. QuantConnect provides take care of the API integration so that you can focus on strategy development through the use of its back-tester, Jupyter notebooks and in-house research.

  • Code in Python, C# and F#
  • Tick, second and minute data back to 2007
  • Fast track coding by working on community templates
  • Download free data and code in Visual studio
  • From coding to live in seconds with a free VPS

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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MotiveWave - Specialty Platform


This easy-to-use charting package is designed for both technical and algorithmic traders. MotiveWave specializes in Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, Gann and Ratio analysis and also allows for systematic trading using Java. Features:

  • Market Scanners
  • Systematic Trading Development
  • Backtesting
  • Optimization (genetic and exhaustive)
  • Reply and walk-forward testing
  • Unique Technical Analysis tools

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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AgenaTrader - Specialty Platform


Designed as a platform for professional traders, this multi-asset platform comes equipped with extensive functionality. Everything's included, from the built-in 130 indicators and 14 chart types to advanced automated trading support via AgenaScript(C#).

  • Open 3,000 charts at the same time
  • Set up OCO, If-Done and ORO orders with a few clicks
  • Save complex order combinations into templates
  • Extended alerting via price, time, indicator and signals
  • Market replay
  • DOM and QuickTrader (Chart DOM)

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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Sierra Chart - Specialty Platform

Sierra Chart

Sierra Chart is a professional trading platform for the financial markets, compatible with many externally available trading services. It supports manual, automated and simulated trading.

  • Multi-asset
  • Automated trading
  • Advanced charts
  • Multiple data sources
  • Server-side OCO and bracket orders
  • ChartDOM

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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SeerTrading - Specialty Platform


Seer Trading Platform is for building, back-testing, optimizing and deploying automated trading systems. It was designed and built from the ground up for the sole purpose of algorithm development and deployment.

  • Automated trading using R
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Server deployment
  • Multiple systems on same account
  • Multi-asset
  • Backtesting, visualization and optimization

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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NeuroShell Trader - Specialty Platform

NeuroShell Trader

NeuroShell Trader's point-and-click interface allows you to easily create complex technical analysis indicators, trading systems and neural network market forecasts without coding of any kind. It supports manual, automated and simulated trading.

  • Point-and-click strategy creation
  • Trading Strategy wizard
  • Prediction wizard
  • Robust back-testing
  • Multiple time frame analysis
  • Apply models to multiple instruments

contact representative Available for Windows and MacOS.

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