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Real Execution Stats for Real Traders

It is our mission to provide increasing levels of quality pricing, transparency and execution services so that we can provide you with the best trading experience. We are committed to execution quality and transparency. That's why we provide execution statistics to provide that transparency our traders want.

Price Improvement

Over 87% of orders have zero or positive slippage.

Trading Station

FXCM 2023 Highlights

  • 61.85% of all orders had NO SLIPPAGE.
  • 25.55% of all orders received positive slippage.
  • 12.60% of all orders received negative slippage.
  • 68.98% of all limit and limit entry orders received positive slippage.
  • 50.78% of all stop and stop entry orders received negative slippage.

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Execution Speed – Get filled, fast!

Fast trade execution1 is critical to any traders success in the forex and CFD marketplace. FXCM provides speed in addition to price and access to liquidity.

Average Execution Speed2
0.019 0.019 seconds or 19 milliseconds


This defines the amount of time we receive the order until execution. This excludes internet latency and post trade booking.


The execution speed is the Stratos Group average round turn execution time for all offered instruments, calculated for the year of 2023.