Terms of Business - FXCM

General Business Terms

When determining the effective Terms of Business dates, please review the below table. At FXCM the Terms of Business go live in two stages. New accounts are the first to be subject to the updated terms, followed by existing account holders.

Current Business Terms & Policies

Historical Business Terms

  • Terms of Business Applicable from
    25 September 2015
    to 21 April 2016
  • Rate Card Applicable from
    23 January 2015
    to 24 September 2015

1 Applies to all accounts opened on, or after the 22nd of April 2016. (Accounts opened before the 22nd of April 2016 will be subject to these terms from the 26th of May 2016)

2 Applies to all accounts effective January 20, 2017.