Stratos Group Press Releases

Welcome to Stratos Group Press Releases page, where you can see the latest news and updates, as well as history of archived reports.

Press Releases

As a global leader in the provision of spread betting, forex and CFD trading services, FXCM strives to promote an atmosphere of full transparency. In an effort to keep clients and the trading community as a whole abreast of its ever-evolving business model, FXCM issues periodic press releases addressing a wide range of topics associated with its core tenets.

Items included in these announcements fall into several categories:

  • Monthly Metrics: A monthly update on FXCM's retail and institutional customer trading business.
  • New Features and Services: New or revised products brought to the marketplace by FXCM.
  • Breaking News: Official distribution of important news items regarding Stratos Group.

The Stratos Group Press Release page is an all-in-one resource for information regarding important bulletins involving FXCM. The page includes a variety of statements and updates, offering comprehensive coverage of the current calendar year.

Monthly Metrics

Stratos Group's Monthly Metrics report is a scheduled periodic release of customer trading statistics pertaining to the previous month. Vital trade-related information for retail and institutional clients is included in the disclosure.

Several of the key metrics included in each report are noted below, and the statistics are listed in year-over-year and month-over-month format:

Monthly Metrics
  • Customer Trading Volume
  • Average Customer Trading Volume (Per Day)
  • Average Number Of Client Trades (Per Day)
  • Number Of Active Retail Accounts
  • Number Of Tradeable Retail Accounts

The Monthly Metrics report is a useful reference for anyone that is interested in FXCM's brokerage business operations. Historical reports are archived and available here.

New Features And Services

Since its inception, FXCM has stood as an innovator of forex, CFD and spreadbetting trade-related services. Upon the introduction of any exciting new feature or service, an official statement is promptly issued by FXCM.

Each notice discusses the new service or feature in depth. Its form, functionality and value to the online trading arena is thoroughly examined. Below are some of FXCM's cutting-edge product announcements from 2017:

New Features And Services
  • Introduction Of The Forex And CFD Market Scanner
  • Enhancement Of The Free Support Portal FXCM Plus
  • Launch Of Market Data Signals

Breaking News

The forex and CFD brokerage services industry is a rapidly changing environment. Corporate operational structures are often fluid, with ongoing transitions being commonplace. In order to keep clients and industry professionals aware of any organisational developments, FXCM issues an official brief to the public disclosing newsworthy items in a timely fashion.

Breaking news releases may address a variety of topics, such as:

Breaking News
  • Intercompany promotions
  • Changes in leadership
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial disclosures
  • Formal clarifications or retractions

The efficient dissemination of company-specific news items is an important aspect of achieving public transparency. Through formally addressing pertinent issues in a timely fashion via press release, FXCM strives to eliminate any ambiguity or misconceptions surrounding business operations.


Stratos Group is a holding company of Stratos Markets Limited, Stratos Europe Limited (trading as "FXCM" or "FXCM EU") previously FXCM EU Ltd, Stratos Trading Pty. Limited, Stratos South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Stratos Global LLC, and all affiliates of aforementioned firms, or other firms under the Stratos group of companies (collectively "Stratos Group ").