Live interactive classrooms are held online and are easily attended remotely. Many topics are covered during the classroom sessions, and they range from specific aspects of technical analysis to advanced platform functionality. Classes are scheduled on a regular basis, with past sessions catalogued and available for quick reference.

Trading Guides

FXCM offers several trading manuals developed to help traders potentially increase their competency. The manuals are available in ebook format, free of charge. The titles include:

  • New To Forex Guide
  • Traits Of Successful Traders
  • From Stocks To FX
  • Market Scanner Guide

Each of the guides offers general information and insight into the forex market. No matter the style, size or experience level of the trader, FXCM's online manuals can contribute to a rock solid knowledge base.

Video Library

For many individuals, visual media is exponentially more useful than traditional black and white text. In the arena of active trading, markets are typically viewed, not read. The days of the ticker tape are long gone, and in its place are interactive charting applications. In an effort to cater to the visual learner, the forex video library at FXCM presents dozens of video clips addressing a vast array of topics:

In addition, FXCM's video library includes comprehensive entries covering its proprietary trading platform, Trading Station. The series covers basic functionality, advanced features and accessing the market via mobile application, among other topics.