Experience Uninterrupted Trading with Our US Shares CFDs

Pioneering 24-Hour Trading

We are proud to be first few brokers to offer 24-hour trading for US Shares CFDs to retail clients. Though Shares CFD trading is commonly limited to pre- and post-market hours, we provide continuous access including the overnight market. This ensures you never miss a potential opportunity.

Now available for retail clients

Once reserved for institutional clients in the equity-trading world, 24 – Hour Trading is now available to you as a retail client. Trade with our round-the-clock market access

Stay Ahead with Timely Access

React instantly to breaking news and earnings releases that occur outside of regular trading hours. Our extended trading schedule means you're always able to be in the right place at the right time.

Provide More Flexibility for APAC Traders

Our trading hours are especially friendly for traders in the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring you can trade comfortably from your time zone.

Top US Shares CFDs at Your Fingertips

Choose from the most popular US Shares CFDs for your trading. Access our carefully curated list of high-performing stocks and maximize your trading potential. Currently 20 of the heated US shares CFDs are available for you to trade. Stay tuned for more US shares CFDs!

What is US Shares (24 Hours)?

US Shares Contracts for Difference (CFD) offer the flexibility of extended hours trading, allowing clients to trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Normal market hours run from 09:30 to 16:00 Eastern Time (ET). However, extended hours are available, including the pre-market session from 04:00 to 09:30 ET, the post-market session from 16:00 to 20:00 ET, and the overnight market, which lasts from 20:00 to 04:00 ET of the next day. This round-the-clock trading window ensures that the market is open from Sunday 20:00 to Friday 16:00 New York time, without any break, offering continuous access to the financial markets.

What US Shares are available for 24 hours trading?

New 24/5 Symbols Company Name
TSLA.extTesla Motors (24 Hours)
NVDA.extNVIDIA (24 Hours)
AAPL.extApple (24 Hours)
AMZN.extAmazon.com (24 Hours)
AMD.extAdvanced Micro Devices (24 Hours)
NIO.extNio (24 Hours)
GOOG.extGoogle (Alphabet Class C) (24 Hours)
MSFT.extMicrosoft (24 Hours)
INTC.extIntel (24 Hours)
UBER.extUber (24 Hours)
DIS.extDisney (24 Hours)
PLTR.extPalantir (24 Hours)
META.extMeta Platforms (24 Hours)
XPEV.extXpeng Auto (24 Hours)
LCID.extLucid Group Inc. (24 Hours)
MARA.extMarathon Digital Holdings (24 Hours)
RIVN.extRivian Automotive (24 Hours)
SQ.extBlock Inc (24 Hours)
COIN.extCoinbase (24 Hours)
BABA.extAlibaba (24 Hours)

How can I find these products on Trading Station and MT4?

Instruments can be found under "Hot" in Symbol List with (24 Hours) label on Trading Station II. Instruments can be found under US Shares (24H) on MT4.