Since the late 1990s, FXCM has given individual and institutional global traders the opportunity to access the world's largest market: forex. A prominent name in online forex trading, FXCM is recognised as an innovative leader in providing in brokerage services.

A wide variety of market participants utilise FXCM's resources to facilitate their forex trading operations. As of January 2015, FXCM provided service to 220,000 active customer accounts worldwide, producing an annual retail trading volume valued at US$3.9 trillion. In addition, FXCM has worked with more than 700 institutional clients over the course of the past decade.

No matter the level of experience, size or location, FXCM has the tools and resources necessary to make success in the marketplace a possibility.

What Is A Retail Trader?

In forex, a retail trader is an individual who actively trades currencies for his or her personal account. Retail traders embrace the challenge of active trading and aspire to achieve profit through risking their own capital. They come in all varieties, ranging from the battle-tested veteran trader to those entering the market for the first time. FXCM offers market access, cutting-edge technology and educational materials to all levels of trader sophistication.

Individuals just starting out in forex have a lot to learn about global currencies and how they are traded. Many educational materials are made available by FXCM to anyone looking to expand his or her forex trading knowledge base:

No matter if one is a scalper, swing trader, day trader or long-term investor, FXCM has the technology and market connectivity needed to efficiently facilitate any retail trading operation.

What Is An Institutional Trader?

Institutional traders engage in the active trading of financial instruments on behalf of a group of clients. These forex traders manage customer capital through the implementation of various strategies and approaches within the global currency market.

There are numerous designations assigned to institutional traders, many of which access the forex market through FXCM:

  • Retail brokers
  • High-frequency trading firms (HFT)
  • Proprietary firms (prop firms)
  • Small and medium hedge funds
  • Small and regional emerging market banks

FXCM works side by side with institutional traders and investors via FXCM Pro. Access to sophisticated technology, discounted cost structures and lines of credit coupled with ultra-low market access and trade-related latencies are of substantial importance to the institutional trader. In order to address these needs, FXCM offers solutions through FXCM Core and FXCM Prime.

International Trading Services

Forex is a global marketplace, with traders interacting within the market remotely on a daily basis. In the current digital environment, all one needs to participate in trading activities is internet connectivity and a personal computer. In order to assure the availability of service, support and market access to an internationally dispersed clientele, FXCM has an extensive global infrastructure in place.

FXCM has offices in the prominent financial centers of the world, with many partners and affiliates available to provide customer service to the retail trader:

  • FXCM U.S.: New York, United States
  • FXCM U.K.: London, United Kingdom
  • FXCM Germany: Berlin, Germany
  • FXCM Australia: Sydney, Australia
  • FXCM France: Paris, France
  • FXCM Italy: Milan, Italy
  • FXCM Hellas: Athens, Greece
  • FXCM Global Services: Tokyo, Japan
  • FXCM Bullion: Hong Kong, China
  • Friedberg Direct: Toronto, Canada
  • FXCM Israel: Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • FXCM South Africa: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Halifax New Zealand: Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

In addition, the offices in the following locales specialise in providing service and support to the institutional forex trader:

  • Forex Capital Markets LLC: New York, United States
  • Forex Capital Markets Ltd: London, United Kingdom
  • FXCM Asia Pacific: Hong Kong, China

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