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Rollover Fee, Financing Cost, Interest Fee, Swap Fee It's All the Same! With FXCM its $0!1

Forex - $0 Commission2 per trade
Stocks $0 Commission2 per trade
Rollover Fee - $0 per Contract(Gold, Silver & selected Index CFDs)

Since the introduction of Zero Rollover Fee Trading on July 25th 2021, we have provided our Australian client base with the opportunity to save over 50 million AUD in total in overnight financing fees on Index CFD's Gold and Silver.The maximum potential saving per single client currently stands at 29,820.17 AUD3.

Max. Potential Savings $29,820.17

What is Rollover Fee (Financing Cost)?

Each day at 5pm New York (7am AEST) Gold and Index CFD trades are rolled over and usually Rollover is either debited or credited to your account. With global interest rates remaining near all-time lows both Buy and Sell trades are typically charging Rollover daily. FXCM's new zero fees for Rollover for selected Index CFDs and Gold allows you to hold your trades without being charged of daily Rollover fees. In case that the trades were to paying you Rollover fees, the Rollover would not be calculated or credited to your account.

Spend your time trading, not wondering what it costs to hold a trade overnight?Trade Selected Global Index CFDs and Gold W/O Rollover Fees. Please refer to the FAQ to find out all of the eligible Index CFDs. View full Terms and Conditions of the No Rollover Fees Trading1

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Trade Global Indices and Gold W/O Rollover Fees.

Get Cost Savings, Compare Rollover Fees between FXCM and Competitors.

The table shows the maximum net position size per instrument that is eligible for the promotion and the average daily rollover costs for that position size, across the eligible instruments.

Roll Long Trade Size IG CMC Pepperstone Axi Trader FXCM
AUS200 370 -$19.43 -$18.93 -$18.93 -$19.56 $0.00
NAS100 150 -$21.61 -$21.82 -$21.82 -$23.23 $0.00
SPX500 50 -$21.41 -$21.55 -$20.87 -$22.22 $0.00
UK100 210 -$20.08 -$19.80 -$20.01 -$20.01 $0.00
US2000 100 -$39.86 -$22.89 -$22.89 -$24.24 $0.00
US30 70 -$11.69 -$23.57 -$23.66 -$25.26 $0.00
XAU/USD 120 -$12.60 -$10.99 -$2.62 -$5.91 $0.00
XAG/USD 7800 -$10.92 -$6.30 -$8.61 -$4.20 $0.00
GER30 110 -$15.84 -$14.66 -$14.70 -$15.26 $0.00
JPN225 800 -$16.16 -$21.55 -$18.31 -$18.21 $0.00
HKG33 60 -$28.04 -$20.20 -$19.39 -$22.62 $0.00
CHN50 120 -$30.38 N/A -$17.61 -$18.91 $0.00
ESP35 190 N/A -$14.58 -$14.07 -$15.10 $0.00
EUSTX50 420 -$24.89 -$14.71 -$14.71 -$15.27 $0.00
FRA40 260 -$25.21 -$14.71 -$14.62 -$15.14 $0.00

Data is displayed in average value and was collected from demo accounts during 28th July to 5th August 2021.Trade sizes are adjusted to be comparable. Rollover rates were converted from USD to AUD using AUD/USD high from the period of 0.76022. Maximum trade size is based on roughly $200k USD Notional Volume. FXCM rollover is $0.00 for eligible trades during the No Rollover Fee Trading.


  1. Data is displayed in daily average value and was collected from demo accounts during 28th July to 5th August 2021. The pricing and rollover fees in a demo account may differ from the pricing and rollover in a live account.
  2. Past performance: Past Performance is not an indicator of future results.
  3. Due to the fact that the underlying prices for rollover are fluctuating, the rollover fee of each product in a live account is subject to vary.
  4. The comparison is considering rollover fees only. Other fees and charges will apply as normal. Please refer to CFD Product Disclosure Statement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free guide that explains rollover?

Yes we do have a free guide with great examples you can download and read. Free Rollover Guide

What is the No Rollover Fee Trading?

FXCM is offering no daily Rollover on select Index and Commodity CFDs. Clients can hold Buy or Sell trades on these positions as long as they want without incurring any daily financing costs, up to the position limits covered below.

What is Rollover?

Rollover is the interest paid or earned for holding a position past 5pm New York. With global interest rates near all-time lows both Buy and Sell positions typically charge Rollover.

Is there a difference between Rollover, Swaps, Interest or Financing Fees?

All of these terms refer to the same thing, which FXCM refers to as Rollover. Rollover is the interest paid or earned for holding a position past 5pm New York. With global interest rates near all-time lows both Buy and Sell positions typically charge Rollover.

What products are covered in the No Rollover Fee Trading?

Selected Index and Commodity CFDs: AUS200, SPX500, US30, NAS100, UK100, XAU/USD, XAG/USD, US2000, GER30, JPN225, CHN50, HKG33, FRA40, ESP35, EUSTX50

How can I participate in the No Rollover Fee Trading?

No Rollover Fee trading is offered by FXCM Australia Pty. Limited to clients residing in Australia. No action is required to active No Rollover Fee trading, simply trade any of the included products. FXCM reserves the right to revoke No Rollover Fee trading in its sole discretion at any time. Check your eligibility in the Terms and Conditions of the No Rollover Fee Trading

Is there a maximum trade size covered in the No Rollover Fee Trading?

The No Rollover Fee Trading allows approximately $200,000USD in net open notional volume, rollover free, on each eligible instrument. Each selected product has a maximum number of contracts that are covered by the No Rollover Fee Trading. If your total net open position on any product exceeds the maximum contracts size, Rollover charges will be applied to the contracts above the threshold.

Product Max Contracts
NAS100 150
SPX500 50
UK100 210
US30 70
US2000 100
XAG/USD 7800
AUS200 370
CHN50 120
ESP35 190
EUSTX50 420
FRA40 260
GER30 110
HKG33 60
JPN225 800

What happens if I trade more contracts than the maximum?

You receive No Rollover for the contracts up to the maximum and will have Rollover applied to the remainder of the position. For example, if you have a total net open position of 400 Buy AUS200 the first 370 contracts have no Rollover. The remaining 30 contracts would be subject to Rollover fees.Note that if you exceed the promotional limit the required rollover fees will not be debited automatically at 5pm EST together with products not included in this No Rollover Fee Trading, but will be processed separately following an FXCM review.

What happens if I have more than one FXCM Account?

The No Rollover Fee Trading is valid per client, not per account. In the event you have multiple accounts trading the same instrument, the exposure of all the accounts will be accrued.If the accrued exposure of all your accounts is greater than the promotional limit, your account will be subject to Rollover fees on the remaining exposure, as explained above.

How much would I save if I traded AUS200?

You would save $24.45 per day on AUS200. Based on the maximum trade size of Buy 370 contracts with rollover $0.0660825 on June 29th 2021.

Where can I view FXCM's Rollover to confirm it is $0?

You can view it under Roll S (Rollover Sell) or Roll B (Rollover Buy) by clicking on the Instrument from the Rates tab in TS Mobile or looking in Advanced or Simple Dealing Rates inside Trading Station.

Why is the No Rollover Fee Trading limited to these products?

We selected products with Rollover highly impacted by the historic lows in global Interest rates. This creates more a more flexible trading environment with FXCM for all Index and commodity CFD traders.

How can you offer this?

FXCM absorbs the daily Rollover costs because we believe the improved trading conditions will result in more clients choosing to trade Indices and commodity CFDs with us.

Why do other brokers charge Rollover?

Brokers charge Rollover to cover their financing costs with their Liquidity Providers or as an additional revenue stream. FXCM believes in reducing the 'hidden' fees from trading and we are aiming to provide the best platform for all traders.

How long will this No Rollover Fee Trading run?

The No Rollover Fee Trading is scheduled to run until the Promotion is terminated in accordance with Clause 7 under this Terms and Conditions. FXCM reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or amend the No Rollover Fee Trading where it becomes necessary to do so. FXCM may remove any individual client/s from the No Rollover Fee Trading at our sole discretion.

Can I use the No Rollover Fee Trading on Crypto CFDs?

FXCM offers competitive Rollover rates on all our Crypto products. However, at this point they are not included in the No Rollover Fee Trading.

What happens to rollover that I was being credited daily?

With the exception of XAU/USD (Gold), none of the instruments in the No Rollover Fee Trading have positive rollover and you can continue trading as normal. XAU/USD can have either a negative or positive rollover rate depending on the direction of your trade and market conditions, as part of No Rollover Fee Trading both sides of XAU/USD have been set to 0. In the event you breach the permitted threshold, you may incur either a debit or a credit on your excess contracts depending on the value of the daily rollover rate.

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View full Terms and Conditions of the No Rollover Fees Trading


When executing customers' trades, FXCM can be compensated in several ways, which include, but are not limited to: spreads, charging commissions at the open and close of a trade, and adding a mark-up to rollover, etc. Commission-based pricing is applicable to Active Trader account types.


The potential savings per client is calculated from July 26th to October 15th 2021 based on the actual expected daily rollover fees of the maximum eligible position size for each instrument included in the promotion. The actual rollover fees saved will differ per client, and is dependent on the instruments being traded and the sizes and directions of any positions held past 5pm NY time daily.

Risk Warning: Trading Margin FX/CFDs carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage can work against you. By trading, you could sustain a total loss of your deposited funds but wholesale clients could sustain losses in excess of deposits.

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