Considering Strategy Automation?

Are you looking to automate your strategy but don't have a background in coding? FXCM has partnered with Kris Longmore1 from Robot Wealth2 to create an incredible offer that helps traders like you learn how to code.

Benefits of Automation

Create strategies that can run 24 hours a day

Take the emotion out of buying and selling

Backtest and optimise to get the best results

Create strategies that can run 24 hours a day

Take the emotion out of buying and selling

Backtest and optimise to get the best results

Save on robot wealth2 membership

To help you get started with Algo Trading, FXCM is giving you the chance to save $263 or 50% off from the full cost of an annual
membership with Robot Wealth2 where you will:

  • Learn how to design, test and trade your own algos.
  • Discover the research processes, workflows and quantitative tools that are only accessible to professional quant trading firms.
  • Join a global community of algo-traders and a library of code and tools to support you all the way.

To claim your discount code, open an account with FXCM with a minimum of $2,000 and email

Intro to algo trading and coding

  • Why consider automated trading?
  • Backtesting: How simulations get contaminated with bias and produce unrealistic results.
  • How to configure and connect trading software to FXCM API.
  • Backtest a simple trading strategy based on technical analysis.
Kris Longmore

Kris Longmore1, Founder, Robot Wealth2

Kris leads machine learning research at proprietary trading firm Sortino Partners. Trained as an engineer and scientist, he has been applying machine learning to the financial markets since before it was cool to do so. Prior to becoming a partner at his current firm, Kris worked as a hedge fund quant and later consulted to both buy- and sell-side on quantitative analytics and the strategic adoption of machine learning technology.

Kris is passionate about a fair go for independent, non-professional traders and investors. To level the playing field, he founded, an online community empowering independent traders with the practical knowledge and tools one finds in professional trading firms.


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