• Margin Increase – September 10

    Please see the table below for the margin increases on some Commodity instruments that will come into effect from Thursday 10th September. Please be aware that the increased margin rates will be applied to any existing open position, as well as to any new position opened. Please ensure you have sufficient funds for margin in your account to sustain your positions once the margin increase is applied. Learn more about Commodity Trading Conditions. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our customer support team.

In the arena of active forex trading, staying abreast of evolving market conditions and their historical context can be an arduous undertaking. Seemingly endless data sets and news items are constantly in line for scrutiny, with each potentially impacting the eventual success or failure of a specific trade.

A wealth of information for individuals interested in the study of market fundamentals and technicals. Economic calendars, news feeds, charting data and proprietary indicators enable traders to view the forex within a current or historical context. Opportunity is often found within the framework of intensive market study, and Friedberg Direct offers access to FXCM's robust research suite capable of satisfying even the most inquisitive currency trader or investor..

Economic Calendar And Market News

Economic Calendar and Market News

The scheduled release of an official economic data report or unexpected news item can have a considerable impact upon many different facets of forex trading. Such events can lead to a spike in market participation and increased volatilities, creating either opportunity or risk.

Remaining cognizant of such releases can be cumbersome. Much of the guesswork is eliminated though the provision of a meticulously detailed economic calendar. The economic calendar lists the date and time of potentially market-moving economic events, projected volatility, as well as consensus opinion and hard data values.

Breaking news items are often unpredictable, generating an atmosphere of uncertainty within the marketplace. The market news application aims to keep traders and investors on the lead lap of rapidly developing events.

Technical Analytics

Technical Analytics

In the current digital marketplaces of the world, the majority of short-term trading decisions are made according to the tenants of technical analysis. The study of past and present price action as a predictor of future market behaviour is an extremely popular discipline among active traders.

For those practitioners of technical trading methodologies, Friedberg Direct provides a variety of assets to aid in the study and analysis of price action:

  • Charting: Forex Charts is an application enabling traders to pull a price chart for a desired instrument, with customisable time period and indicator overlay.
  • Market Scanner: FXCM's Market Scanner is a collection of leading indicators applied to the top forex and CFD products.
  • Market Data Signals: FXCM's Market Data Signals offers traders the latest trends in volume, price and market sentiment.