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The United States dollar, or American dollar, is the world's most dominant currency. With some $1.2 trillion in circulation , the US dollar is the sole currency in the United States, its overseas territories, and several other countries, including East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador and others. The US Dollar is also the world's top currency in foreign transactions and the foreign exchange (forex) market. Regulated under the United States Federal Reserve System, the US dollar is symbolised by $ or US$ and has a currency code of USD. Its most frequent banknotes are $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100, featuring portraits of American presidents and politicians, such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.

Currencies Pegged to the US Dollar

Currency Peg Rate
Bahrain Dinar 0.37690
Barbadian Dollar 2.00000
Belizean Dollar 2.00000
Bermudian Dollar 1.00000
Cayman Island Dollar 0.82000
Cuban Convertible Peso 1.00000
Djiboutian Franc 177.721
Dutch Guilder 1.79000
East Caribbean Dollar 2.70000
Eritrean Nakfa 15.0000
Hong Kong Dollar 7.85000
Jordanian Dinar 0.70900
Lebanese Pound 1507.50
Omani Rial 0.38450
Panamanian Balboa 1.00000
Qatari Riyal 3.64000
Saudi Arabian Riyal 3.75000
United Arab Emirati Dirham 3.67250
Venezuelan Bolivar 6.30000

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