Active Trader Rebate Program

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Receive cash rebates for your trading, designed for active traders.

FXCM's Active Trader account is designed for high-volume investors. When trading is more than a hobby, treat yourself to our very best. Active Trader benefits include dedicated support, premium services and custom solutions. High-volume traders are eligible for discounted pricing.


Designed with the dedicated trader in mind, the Active Trader account represents FXCM's highest level of service and furnishes customers with many unique features:


If you trade in high volumes, you may be eligible for our competitive monthly cash rebates. Meet the minimum combined notional volume of USD 10 Million on a monthly bases and get reimbursed for the trades you place. Rebates will be credited directly to your trading account in the subsequent month. For more information on notional volume requirements, product availability and rebates payout, see the Active Trader Rebate Program Tiers.


A committed team of experienced professionals offer top-tier support to Active Trader accounts. From one-on-one consultations with a Relationship Manager to the exclusive Back-Office Team ensuring FXCM's resources are being properly utilised, customer support is second to none.

Expedited Processing Request

In addition to all the above benefits, we are offering you up to two free withdrawals per month and expedited processing when it comes to deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers and new account requests.


If you're a programmer looking to develop a black-box solution or an order-processing application, you can use our FIX, ForexConnect, REST API and JAVA APIs to create the custom solution you need. With your Active Trader account, you get free access to multiple APIs.


Supplement your trading strategy with free access to high-end institutional derived FX data through an eFXplus premium subscription. Receive real-time alerts on fresh trade ideas, and currency forecasts from institutional research. Scan insightful economic forecasts and analytical views supported by trade level and targets from the model portfolios of multiple banks. Review market sentiment generated by quant models. Visit EFX Data for more information.1 Fill out the eFXplus access form to see if you qualify for a subscription.


An Active Trader account unlocks market depth functionality on the Trading Station platform. Multiple levels of liquidity are visible at each price, providing extremely useful information to short-term and high-frequency traders.


The favourable market access of VPS hosting comes complimentary with an Active Trader account. A 2% credit of deposited funds is available for allocation towards the FXCM APPs store.



Active Trader Rebates

FXCM's Active Trader Rebate Program is designed for traders who are actively in the market. You can get different tier rebates based on the volume you trade.


  • Have an account with FXCM or open a new account
  • Meet a minimum notional volume requirement of USD 10 Million on a monthly basis

Notional volume

(in Millions of USD)


(USD per Million)

Total Compensation


Example 1

Say you trade EUR/USD and over the course of the month you have reached 300 million in notional volume traded. As you reached Tier 5, you will receive $25 per million traded, giving you a total rebate amount of USD $7500.

Example 2

Say you trade SPX500 and over the course of the month you have reached 350 million in notional volume traded. You will receive $3 per million traded, giving you a total rebate amount of USD $1050.

How do I calculate the Notional Values for a CFD? Please click here to see the details.

How is the Rebate paid out?

After registering with the Rebate Program, FXCM will review your trading account and the associated notional trading volumes on the last business day of each calendar month. Any rebates will be paid within 15 business days in the subsequent calendar month. Your account must be open, active and not subject to any dispute or default on the date the rebate falls due to the account.

Forex and Commodities

FX & Commodity* Notional Volume in USD Million Rebate (USD per Million)
Tier 1 10 to < 25 $5
Tier 2 25 to < 50 $10
Tier 3 50 to < 150 $15
Tier 4 150 to < 300 $20
Tier 5 300 and over $25

* The Rebate Program applies only to the following Commodities: USOil, UKOil, Gold, Silver and Copper


Asset Class** Symbol Rebate $/M (USD)
Index CFD AUS200 $3.00
Index CFD CHN50 $3.00
Index CFD EUSTX50 $3.00
Index CFD GER30 $3.00
Index CFD HKG33 $3.00
Index CFD JPN225 $3.00
Index CFD NAS100 $3.00
Index CFD SPX500 $3.00
Index CFD UK100 $1.00
Index CFD US30 $1.00

** The Rebate Program applies only the above stated Stock Indices CFDS.

Steps to complete:

If you are interested in participating in the FXCM Rebate Program and:

  • Have an account with FXCM or open a new account
  • Meet a minimum notional volume requirement of USD 10 Million on a monthly basis

You can participate by sending the following form.

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