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With Tiered Margin, what is the liquidation level on an MT4 account?

The liquidation level will be set at 50% of the entry/maintenance margin requirement. This means that if your account equity falls below 50% of the initial margin required, the account will receive a Margin Call and trades will be closed in order of the size of their loss, from the largest floating loss to the smallest floating loss, as recorded in the "Profit" column at the time of margin call.

Let’s look at an example:

  • Your account equity is USD 2,000.00.
  • You place a long 10K USDJPY position, requiring USD 300.00 in initial margin and USD 1 per pip. *Note, up-to-date rates can be found in the MMR column of the Simple Dealing Rates Window of Trading Station.
  • Margin Warning goes into effect if your equity falls below 300.00 (maintenance margin). Your liquidation margin will trigger when account equity falls below USD 150.00 (300 x .50% = 150). This is reflected as 50% margin in the MT4 Terminal’s Trade tab. The MT4’s Terminal Trade tab will highlight the account information in red when the margin level falls below 100% (see below for an example).

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