FXCM Complaints

Information About Our Complaints Procedure

How To File a Complaint

Information About Our Complaints Procedure

FXCM aims to provide our clients with a prompt, fair response to any complaint that you may bring to our attention. This will constitute any formal expression of dissatisfaction regarding any financial services activity provided or withheld by FXCM.

You will receive a written acknowledgment within five (5) days confirming the receipt of your complaint and a unique reference number. Please use this reference number in all future communications regarding your complaint with FXCM, the Financial Ombudsman, and/or CySEC.

FXCM will send you a Final Response within two (2) months of receipt of your complaint. If we are not able to resolve a complaint within two months, FXCM will send you a holding response in order to provide you with details on why FXCM is not yet in a position to resolve the complaint and indicate a period of time within which you might expect a resolution. This period of time shall not exceed three (3) months from the submission of the complaint. For more information, please refer to FXCM's Complaints Handling Policy.

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How To Submit A Trade Inquiry

At FXCM, we strive to provide our customers products and services that are resourceful to meet their needs. If you have a specific inquiry in relation to trade execution, you are encouraged to submit a trade inquiry. You may also contact our customer support for any other inquiries and questions on https://www.fxcm.com/eu/help/.

Before you submit a Trade Inquiry, please review the below questions and answers on trade execution as those may help you resolve your inquiry.

Top 3 Inquiries on Trade Execution

What is slippage and why does it happen?

Slippage is a factor when trading any financial market.

Slippage occurs when the market gaps over prices or when available liquidity at a given price has been exhausted. Market gaps normally occur during fast moving markets when a price can jump several pips without trading at prices in between. Similarly, each price has an available liquidity. For instance, if the price is 50 and there is 1 million available at 50, then a 3 million order will get slipped, since 3 million is more than the 1 million available at the price of 50.Slippage can be negative or positive.

Why does my trade execution not match what I'm seeing on the chart?

You can change the time zone on your charts by clicking on System, Options, and General Trading. Edit the "Time Zone" drop down and click on Apply.

The time displayed in the account statement depends on the server. If you run a combined account statement through Trading Station, TS Web or www.myfxcm.com, the time displayed will be:

  • USD, CAD, CHF, NZD and PLN accounts in New York time
  • Hongkongreal and HKDReal01 accounts in Hong Kong time
  • JPY accounts in Tokyo time
  • EUR and GBP accounts in London time
  • AUD accounts in Sydney time

Why did my trade open/close?

At the top of your trading platform click on the Report button to view your Combined Account Statement. On the statement the "Condition" column indicates the order type that closed the trade. The "Created By" column indicates where the order originated. For example, if the trade was created via a market order from your login credentials, you will see "Mkt" in the "Condition" column and your account number will be listed in the "Created By" column. If trades were closed via Margin Call you will see "MC" in the "Condition" column and the FXCM server name will be listed in the "Created By" column.

To review execution risks and steps to manage them click here.

If the above items do not address your inquiry, we encourage you to file a Trade Inquiry Form. The Trade Services Team will then contact you as soon as possible with a resolution to the inquiry. In the meantime, please manage the trade as you see is appropriate.

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Please note that any inquiry related to the provision of services by FXCM could be submitted via the form above. Such inquiries do not constitute formal complaints as they amount to general questions regarding the provision of financial services (e.g. status of a trade, question on slippage, etc.) as opposed to a formal dissatisfaction of such services. The Trade Services team will review your inquiry and contact you as soon as possible with a resolution.


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