The FXCM Culture

Our culture defines itself through our people and the three core values that they embody.

Customer First

We start with a focus on customers where specialised expertise, attention to detail, and follow through are seen as important aspects to all of our interactions.


We do what is right for our customers, partners, employees, and all other stakeholders.


Our people are agile and thrive in changing industry trends, business conditions, and demands by customers. Past experiences and newly acquired skills provide the confidence to forge ahead.

Our Purpose

FXCM's purpose remains unchanged over its 20-year history. Partner with FX and CFD traders at every call, click, or tap.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to continue advancing our brokerage making it easier, quicker, and more fulfilling for all parties who interact with FXCM.

Life at FXCM

A large number of FXCM staff have worked here at least half of FXCM's 20-year history and can vouch for four major ideals about working at FXCM.

Diversified Workplace

Diversity is woven into the fabric of our company as we rely on very different teams of people to enrich FXCM with new perspectives, collaborative solutions, and unconventional ways of thinking. Although we sit on six continents, we come together each day to work as one.

Resilient People

We hold a strong belief that resilience is an important indicator of long-term success for our people. Resilient people confidently rise to the occasion despite challenges or significant changes to the business.


We strive for transparency both internally and externally. Transparency allows for active two-way communication with peers to exchange ideas and thoughts garnering mutual respect and trust with co-workers.

Meritocracy Wins

We value a meritocracy where the most capable people and ideas have an opportunity to succeed. To achieve this, we promote an open door policy that ensures that both people and ideas have direct access to those who may champion their cause.

To join our team and experience life at FXCM, visit our Career Centre.