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Help, I lost my layout/template/profile; how can I get it back?

Layouts (as well as templates, custom indicators/strategies, profiles, and snapshots) for Trading Station are saved at this location on your computer:  C:Program Files (x86)CandleworksFXTS2. (If you have a 32-bit computer, the location will be C:Program FilesCandleworksFXTS2.) If you navigate here, open the Layouts folder, and find it empty, then unfortunately there is not a way to retrieve any saved layouts that were lost. We recommend that you always create a backup file and update it regularly so that you can import it to the platform in case of a loss like this, due to crashing or fully uninstalling the platform, etc. Below are instructions for backing up these files to your desktop, but you can back them up to any location you like, or to a cloud.

  1. Close Trading Station.
  2. Click “Start” -> “Computer” -> “C Drive” (Local Disk or Hard Drive) -> “Program files (x86)” -> “Candleworks” -> “FXTS2”
  3. Locate the folders that contain the contents you wish to save (Layouts, Templates, Profiles, Snapshots, and indicators/strategies if you've added custom ones).
  4. Copy each folder you want to backup. Then create a new folder on your desktop ("FXCM Backups" or something similar) and paste the contents directly into the new folder.
  5. Repeat the process for all the items you wish to save.

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