Get a Free NinjaTrader Software License

The cost of trading with NinjaTrader can add up quickly, especially when you trade in various markets with multiple brokers. So why not let FXCM give you a hand? If you meet the minimum requirements listed below and trade a total of 500K using any combination of forex pairs and lot sizes, we will pay for the NinjaTrader software license associated with your FXCM account, saving you $180 per quarter!

NinjaTrader Free Software

How to Accept This Offer

  1. Open an FXCM account with at least $5,000:

    Open an account

    If you already have an FXCM account, make sure the balance is at least $5,000 and deposit funds if necessary.

  2. Sign and submit the letter of direction

    Letter of Direction

    If you already have a single broker NinjaTrader license and simply want to add FXCM, contact us at for special instructions.

Terms and Conditions
FXCM account holders who wish to maintain a free NinjaTrader account need to meet two requirements. First, you can open an FXCM-NinjaTrader account with at least $5,000. Second, each month, trade a sum of at least 500k in round turn notional volume on any currency pair(s).

After the initial $5,000 balance requirement, there are no further balance checks or balance requirements. Monthly trade volume checks begin in the first calendar month following the account opening. The monthly trade minimum can be met using any number of currency trades that, in total, add up to at least 500k. Round turn trades are those which are both opened and closed. Failing to meet the monthly minimum will cause a $60 fee to be deducted from the trader's FXCM-NinjaTrader account to cover the license cost for that month.