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Email Alerts

There are 2 main ways to set up email alerts.

1.  In Trading Station Desktop, go to System->Configure Email. Follow all the steps as directed in the E-mail Configurator that appears.If you complete this successfully, then afterwards, simply set the "Send e-mail" parameter to "Yes" and the "E-mail address" parameter to the email address which you just set up in the configurator, within the parameters of the price alert or other strategy/app that you use in Marketscope. (For example, in Marketscope:  Alerts and Trading Automation->New Strategy or Alert->PRICEALERT->Scroll down to the Notification section to see the Send e-mail and E-mail address parameters, and set those accordingly. After all the parameters are set as desired, click OK.)

2.  Manual set-up (Read further down to see specific setup instructions for Gmail!)

Trading Station->System->Options->on the left menu, scroll down to Marketscope 2.0->Strategies Options (Second option up from the bottom)

You'll have to enter your email settings on the right:

SMTP server address - this will be unique depending on what email provider you use. For example, for Yahoo email addresses. You can find your providers SMTP server address from their customer service, website, and often most easily by searching Google. 

SMTP User and Password - this will be your username and password for your email account. (FXCM cannot access your email username and password from this.)

Use secure connection - change this to False unless your provider directs you to do otherwise

From address and Default e-mail address - this will be your full email address for both

Gmail - Email Alerts for Trading Station

1. First, login to the Gmail address that you plan to use for email alerts, from

2. Next, load this link: 

3. Click on the circle next to Turn on (or just make sure it's already selected). This must be turned on or else the alerts will not work.

4. If on the Gmail account you are using for the alert you have 2-step authentication enabled, turn it off. ( If 2-step authentication is on, the alerts will not work.

5. Go back to Trading Station and configure your email address again, but 

using the following instructions specifically: 

A) Open Marketscope 

B) Go to File>Options 

C) At the bottom of the left-hand menu there, 

click on "Strategies Options" 

D) Then on the right-hand menu, change SMTP 

Server address to: 

E) Change SMTP user to your full gmail address (

F) Change SMTP password to the password you use for the above Gmail address. 

G) Change Use secure connection (SSL) to Yes 

H) Change From address to your full gmail address (

I) Change Default e-mail address to your full gmail address (

J) Click the OK button at the bottom of the Options popup 

*Of course, after doing the above, be sure to enable the email option on the alert or strategy itself - to receive an e-mail notification of a strategy or alert event, in Notification parameters of the alert or strategy, set "Send e-mail" to Yes, and also type in your full gmail address ( next to the E-mail address box. More specific instructions and an example can be found under number 1 at the very top of this article.

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