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Why did my trade open/close, I do not see my price level was reached?

With any financial product, there is a price to Buy and a price to Sell. When verifying if a trade should have triggered it's important to make sure you are looking at the correct side of the market.

Marketscope charts default to show the "Bid", which is the Sell price. To see the Buy price you can click on the "Ask" icon in the chart toolbar. Note that if you are closing a Sell position or opening a Buy position, you will need to reference the "Ask" price.

At the top of your trading platform, you can also click on the Report button to view your Combined Account Statement. On the statement the “Condition" column indicates the order type that closed the trade. The “Created By” column indicates where the order originated. For example, if the trade was created via a market order from your username, you will see “Mkt” in the “Condition” column and your username will be listed in the “Created By” column. If trades were closed via Margin Call you will see “MC” in the “Condition” column and the FXCM server name will be listed in the “Created By” column.

For MetaTrader 4:

MetaTrader 4 charts by default show only the “Bid” chart, which is the sell price. If you are verifying if a Sell trade should have been closed or a Buy trade should have opened, you can add a few pips (the spread) to the highest point of the candle where you think the trade should have triggered. This can help you roughly determine if your price level was reached.

If you would like to see further verify if your trade should have been triggered, it's best to log onto Trading Station. You can do so with the your MetaTrader 4 account details (Username & Password)

  1. Click here to download Trading Station. Once you have downloaded and installed the platform, login with your MetaTrader 4 usernname and Password. Make sure to set the connection to “Real”. Alternatively, you can also use Trading Station Web.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to “Charts” and select “Create Charts”. Confirm the symbol of the chart you want to view and select the period “M1”. Then press “OK”.
  3. If you do not see the symbol you need, exit the “Create chart window”. Click “Symbols” and check the symbol you need to see. Then repeat step 2
  4. When you see your chart, click on “Ask” at the top of the chart. *Please note, Trading Station charts by default are set to New York close time frame. With the “Ask” chart you can determine if your trade should have triggered.

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