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Why can’t I withdraw more than I deposited via credit or debit card?

Debit or Credit card withdrawal amounts are limited to the amount originally deposited using that card(s).

  • For example, if you have deposited a total of $500 using your credit or debit card, the most you can withdraw to your credit or debit card is $500.
  • Furthermore, if you deposited $500 via card X and $200 via card Y, you can only withdraw $500 to card X and $200 to card Y.
  • Once the principal amount (deposit amount) has gone back to your card, the remaining funds may go back to a bank account in your name.

The reason this is the case, is that FXCM can only send funds to your cards as a return/refund of your original "purchase". If you never made a deposit ("purchase") to begin with, there is no way we can "refund" that purchase. Furthermore, we can't "refund" the same payment multiple times, as once a particular payment (deposit) is refunded in full, it is used up for good.

  • For example:  you deposit $500 via card X. You then withdraw $200 to card X. Then, you can still withdraw another $300 to card X. After that, unless you deposit more funds via card X, you cannot withdraw any more funds back to card X, and remaining withdrawals must be sent via an alternative method.

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