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Does FXCM accept third party deposits?

No. Third Party deposits violate FXCM's Anti-Money Laundering policies and as such FXCM cannot accept any payments via a third party. Should third party funds be received, FXCM may ask for supporting documentation such as a Wire Confirmation and/or Bank statement in order to prove ownership.

Deposits received from an account in a different name and/or held by someone other than the trading account holder constitutes a third party deposit. This also applies to corporate funds received for an individual account and similar scenarios.

We can neither guarantee the receipt nor the return of such payments.Examples:

  1. My name is John Doe. I opened an individual trading account with FXCM in my name, John Doe. I attempt to fund my account using my partner's credit card, which has her name on it, Jane Doe. My card deposit will be declined, as the card is considered 3rd party.

  2. My name is John Doe, and my company is Acme Electronics LLC. I open a corporate account with FXCM in the name Acme Electronics LLC. I try to deposit with my personal Visa card, which has my name, John Doe, printed on it. The deposit will be rejected as it is considered 3rd party. Instead, I must fund from an account in the name of "Acme Electronics LLC".


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