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If you are currently a Referring Broker with Forex Capital Markets LTD ("FXCM LTD") and would like to become a Referring Broker with FXCM Markets Limited ("FXCM Markets"), please complete the required fields(*) below as it pertains to your current Referring Broker Agreement (the "Agreement"). Your consent to the terms defined in this agreement does not negate your existing Agreement with FXCM LTD, which falls under the FCA's regulatory jurisdiction (Firm Registration Number 217689). Your consent and acknowledgement to the following terms and conditions will establish a Referring Broker relationship with FXCM Markets.

FXCM Markets is a direct, unregulated operating subsidiary of FXCM Group that offers trading on forex, oil, gold and stock indices. Accounts held with FXCM Markets do not have regulatory oversight.

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I authorise and direct FXCM LTD to provide FXCM Markets with a copy of my Agreement and all supporting documentation including ID, proof of residence and corporate paperwork. FXCM Markets reserves the right to request additional paperwork to identify the Referring Broker. In providing such authorisation and direction, I consent to the following conditions:

  1. This FXCM Markets Limited Referring Broker Agreement ("FXCM Markets Agreement"), together with the Schedules attached hereto, sets out the terms of the contract between the Referring Broker and FXCM Markets Limited ("FXCM Markets"). This Agreement is legally binding and shall take effect and be deemed accepted when you submit your acceptance electronically below: Referring Broker Agreement
  2. By submitting below, I, the Referring Broker or the Referring Broker's authorised representative, acknowledge that this is a legally binding contractual agreement and that I am authorised to bind the Referring Broker to this agreement. I acknowledge I have read this FXCM Markets Agreement carefully, and by submitting my consent electronically below, I agree to be bound by every term and condition of this FXCM Markets Agreement.
  3. Additionally, I agree that the terms and fees detailed in the Schedule A to the FXCM LTD Referring Broker Agreement previously executed by the Referring Broker and FXCM LTD shall also apply as Schedule A to this FXCM Markets Agreement.
  4. No modification of this Agreement or any Schedule shall be valid unless in writing and signed by FXCM. I confirm that I have not made any alterations or deletions to this Agreement, and in the event that there are any alterations or deletions to this Agreement, such alterations or deletions shall not be binding.

Corporate Entities: Is the ownership and/or management structure of your company the same since becoming a Referring Broker with FXCM?

Please note that if your ownership and/or management structure has changed you are required to provide the following documentation:

  • Breakdown of shares / Share Registry
  • Articles of Organisation

You will receive your customized online application link within one to two weeks. If you do not receive your customized online application link, please contact your Institutional Sales Representative or email ibops@fxcm.com.

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