Premium Data Products

FXCM Pro - Premium Data Products

FXCM is committed to providing systematic traders with exactly what they need: large, actionable, high-quality alternative financial data sets that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. This is where FXCM’s premium data products such as Client Sentiment (SSI), Trade Tape (Order Flow) and Volume can help.

Prior to offering our premium data products outside of FXCM, our in-house programmers utilised these data sets for FXCM’s own internal algorithms for many years. This has the benefit of ensuring that the data has been maintained to an extremely high standard in terms of completeness, structure, and accessibility.

There is also scarcity of real actionable data like FXCM’s premium data sets. Our premium data products are derived from FXCM’s 100,000+ retail client live trading accounts, meaning these data sets are unique to FXCM and represent real retail client behaviour. Quite simply, they cannot be found elsewhere.

FXCM offers raw and historical premium data on Sentiment (SSI), Trade Tape (Order Flow) and Volume.