CFD Price Feed

The Source of CFD prices

Our CFD prices are derived either from multiple liquidity and pricing providers or directly from an underlying reference market. Clients can use the prices for trading, but also for internal business needs.

We can charge per instrument, or via packages that include multiple CFDs. Most CFDs are available for redistribution. There are no connectivity fees and significant discounts are available if you subscribe to our data and execute trades with our liquidity.

Prices quoted will be the best available bid or offer.


Subscribe to a select number of instruments or to our full suite of CFD products. You can receive real time CFD prices in multiple formats – widgets, live streaming via API, XML feed or end of day pricing in .CSV

Historical Prices

We can provide you with high-quality historical candle/price data down to the tick on all our CFD symbols.

For more detail, please view our CFD product guide here: