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Where is rollover shown?

FXCM closely tracks and clearly displays rollover rates in our Trading Station platform. Please be advised that interest rates are provided to FXCM by multiple liquidity providers. Every effort is made to display rollover rates one day before they are posted to your account. However, during times of extreme market volatility, rates may change intraday.

Here is an example of the rollover rates in the trading station. You can see today's rollover rates by Opening a Demo Account.

Rollover Chart

To view today's rates, use the Simple Dealing Rates view. Click on the Simple Dealing Rates tab at the top of the Dealing Rates window. The rollover rates for all the currency pairs are in the Roll S and Roll B columns. Roll S will show you how much rollover you will pay or earn if you sell the currency pair (and have the position open at 5 p.m.). If the number shown is negative, you pay that amount. If the number is positive, you earn that amount. The amount shown is denominated in the currency used by the account, which means that if the trading account is in U.S. dollars, the rollover amount is shown in U.S. dollars.

Rollover is displayed in the platform for 1 contract of a CFD and for a 1k lot of a currency pair. 

You can change the default display for FX by going to System > Options > Trading Settings > General Trading > Dealing Rates Display > choose a value: Deafult, 1K, 10K, 100K, 1000K or previous. Please note that this will also change the margin requirements (MMR), commissions (if applicable), and pip cost values.

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