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Execution & Rollover

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A Simple OCO order allows you to create two 'linked' entry orders in the same currency pair. To create a Simple OCO order, simply follow these instructions: Click on “Trading” -> “Orders” -> “Simple OCO”.Enter your parameters and select “OK” to enter…

An "At Market" order is an order type that provides execution certainty. This is because you are not limiting the order to specific prices. Simply, you are requesting to enter the market at the best available price. To place an…

A Market Range order allows you determine a range of prices in pips where your order can execute. If your order can execute at a price within your range (based on available liquidity), it does; if not, it cancels. To…

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${} ${getInstrumentData.divCcy} ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%) ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%)

${getInstrumentData.oneYearLow} 52/wk Range ${getInstrumentData.oneYearHigh}