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FXCM Launches New, Improved, Faster MT4
  • No 3rd party bridges and No Auto Syncs
  • Accepting All EA's, Including Scalping EA's
  • New Features: 0.01 Lot Sizes, Partial Closing and more

MetaTrader 4

MT4 Overview

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Friedberg Direct Offers FXCM's New and Improved MetaTrader 4 Platform

Friedberg Direct's clients can access FXCM’s New and Improved MetaTrader 4 Platform. The upgraded MT4 platform integrates seamlessly with our No Dealing Desk forex execution. This means no 3rd party bridges and no auto account syncs. It offers more features to enhance your MetaTrader 4 trading experience.

New FXCM MetaTrader 4 Features:

Set SL/TP Pre-Execution - Set Stop Loss and Take Profit orders while opening a new trade
0.01 (Micro) Lots - Trade more precise lot sizes for tighter risk management
Partially Close Positions - Control when and how much of a position you want to close
More instruments - Exotic Currency pairs such as:

Plus Continued Benefits of Friedberg Direct No Dealing Desk Forex Execution:

No Re-quotes and No Dealer Intervention
Anonymous forex trading since price providers do not see your SL, TP or Pending orders
No Conflict of interest between broker and client
Zero trading restrictions with NDD execution - place pending orders even inside the spread

What are the benefits of using FXCM MetaTrader 4 with Friedberg Direct?

No trade restrictions with NDD Execution No Requotes
Scalping permitted with NDD Execution Partial closing allowed
All strategies permitted with NDD Execution Trade 0.01 Lots
No restrictions on placing SL, TP or Pending Orders
Feature Details
Default Lot Size 0.01 Micro Lots
Hedging Yes
Max Deviation Available
GMT Offset 0
SL/TP Pre-Execution Yes
Rollover displayed Yes

FXCM MetaTrader 4 allows for order sizes up to 50 million per trade. Traders have the ability to trade incremental sizes (multiple orders of 50 million for the same pair).

Re-quotes occur when a trader makes an order at a specific price, but the order is rejected by a trading desk, and the trader is given a new price to accept or reject. Re-quotes can slow down your trading. Friedberg Direct cannot re-quote forex orders because those orders operate on straight through processing system. Friedberg Direct also maintains a no re-quote policy for indices, metals, and oil, although those orders do not operate on straight through processing. Orders are executed at the best price available within the trader's parameters, subject to market liquidity at the time.

MetaTrader 4

Expert Advisors

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Expert Advisors

Need help creating new EAs or adjusting your current EA?
FXCM Programming Services is here to help you with your automation needs.

We can:

  • create Expert Advisors based upon your trading rules;
  • help alter code for fractional pricing and optimise for No Dealing Desk Forex execution;
  • design custom indicators that better fit your style;
  • implement scripts that help you manage your trading.

Contact our Programming Services Team:


MetaTrader 4


MT4 Account MT4 Demo

Free MT4 Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting:

Stop relying on your home computer. Enhance your MT4 trading by signing up for FREE VPS HOSTING. Clients who trade notional volume with average of 500K per month will have the cost of VPS service reimbursed. At the beginning of the month (between 1st and 15th), a fee of 30 base currency (3k JPY, 240 HKD) will be debited from any of your FXCM account(s) to cover the VPS cost.

Free MT4 VPS hosting is available for FXCM MetaTrader 4 live accounts only. Open an Account Today!

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Please be advised that the VPS hosting is controlled by a third party and FRIEDBERG DIRECT shall not be made liable for any error or malfunction of the hosting service including, but not limited to, network communication failure, system errors or data failure. Clients who trade notional volume with average of 500K per month will have the cost of VPS service reimbursed. At the beginning of the month (between 1st and 15th), a fee of 30 base currency (3k JPY, 240 HKD) will be debited from any of your FXCM account(s) to cover the VPS cost.

VPS services are provided by third parties. These third parties are not owned, controlled or operated by FRIEDBERG DIRECT. As such, FRIEDBERG DIRECT does not make any warranties regarding the services provided by the third parties. Clients are not required to sign up with the third parties FRIEDBERG DIRECT offers discounts for. Instead clients are encouraged to find a VPS provider that best meets their needs. Additionally, there are significant risks and limitations involved with using VPS services. Prospective users are further encouraged to carefully examine and assess the risks and the limitations prior to use. These terms are subject to change at the sole discretion of FRIEDBERG DIRECT.

Step 2 Choose a VPS Provider

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The VPS End User License agreement will open in a new tab. Once completed return to this page and continue to step 3.

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We have received the forms you submitted and you will receive an email with your VPS login details within 2 business days.

Virtual Private Server Advantages

  • Flexibility: Turn off your computer and continue to have your Expert Advisor run.
  • Dedicated Server: The server is dedicated to EA trading with no other application running on it.
  • Remote Access: Log into your platform from any computer, even if MetaTrader 4 is not installed.

Which VPS is right for me?

  • Memory: 2,560 MB
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • OS: Windows Server 2012 R2, 64 Bit
  • Memory: 2,560 MB
  • Disk Space: 100GB
  • OS: Windows Server 2012 R2, 64 Bit

MetaTrader 4

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Although demo accounts attempt to replicate real-time market scenarios, they are based on simulated market conditions. As such, there are key differences that distinguish it from a live account; including but not limited to, the lack of dependence on real-time market liquidity and the availability of some products which may not be tradable on live accounts. The operational capabilities when executing orders in a demo environment may result in atypically expedited transactions, lack of rejected orders, and/or the absence of slippage. There may be instances where margin requirements differ from those of live accounts as updates to demo accounts may not always coincide with those of live accounts.

Friedberg Direct is an independent legal entity and is not affiliated with MetaQuotes Software Corp. ("MT4"). MT4 is not owned, controlled, or operated by Friedberg Direct. Therefore, Friedberg Direct does not make any warranties regarding any product or service and has not reviewed or verified any performance results that may be presented and/or described on this website.