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TUESDAY, 18 AUGUST | 17:15 BST (GMT+1)

Discover how to introduce a hassle-free way of trading to your strategy. Learn about copy-trading and how to get started with industry leader ZuluTrade2. Whether you are new to trading and prefer to copy strategies from experienced Traders or have years of experience and just want to diversify the way you trade, this webinar is for you!

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Webinar Topics

  • How to diversify your portfolio with a Profit Sharing3 Copy trading account
  • How new and experienced traders alike could benefit from following experienced traders
  • Manual trading vs copy-trading
  • How to select Traders to follow
  • ZuluGuard capital protection
  • Combos4 and ZuluTrade ranking
  • Portfolio management
  • Risk management
  • How to set up your account

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