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Power up your trading with easy, intuitive & code-free automation

Power Up Your Trading with FXCM and Capitalise AI - Code-Free Automation & Backtesting


Break Free From The Screen

Let scan the markets for the right moment to enter a trade, then exit your position precisely as planned. Plus, get notified on your trades via your mobile device!

Live-Strategies Library

Select from a huge library of live strategy examples or build your own automated strategy in plain English; zero coding needed, for real.

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Paper trade your strategy to gain confidence. Backtest it for a sanity check then set it to run in-loop and enjoy 24/7 automated strategy execution. - Test & Automate Your Trading Using Natural Language


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1. Apply for an FXCM Trading Station Account

2. Submit a Limited Trading Authorisation form in order authorise to send order to your live account

3. Once the LTA has been processed, FXCM's team will contact you with further instructions in order to link your FXCM account to your Capitalise account

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