Dealing Rates Window

The dealing rates window is full of valuable information such as the spread in pips, the time the last quoted price was updated, the lowest and highest prices quoted for the trading day, the most recently quoted sell and buy prices, and the trade size. Watch to learn more.

The Dealing Rates window within Trading Station II is full of valuable information. This is the name of the pair, in this case, the EUR/USD. This is the time when the last quoted price was updated. This is the lowest price quoted for the trading day, and this is the highest. This is the interest amount you pay or earn at 5 p.m. Eastern when selling the currency pair. And this is the interest amount you pay or earn at 5 p.m. Eastern when buying the currency pair. The spread in pips is listed here, and the pip cost is listed here. This is the most recently quoted sell price and this the most recently quoted buy price. And finally this is the trade size. However, this feature is only accessible when One Click Trading mode is activated.

The Simple Dealing Rates window lays out the information differently, but it also includes the per-lot margin requirement for each pair.


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