The Halving is Coming

The biggest Bitcoin event in years is coming soon!

Expected May 2020*

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Bitcoin "halving" is an event where bitcoin miners receive half the block reward they usually receive for verifying transactions on the bitcoin blockchain network. Bitcoin volatility may be around the corner. Halving events occur approximately every 4 years.

Next halving event to take place in May 2020.

Bitcoin Halvings

Chart taken from on April 24, 2020. Past Performance is not an indicator of future results.

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As is shown on the chart above, the price of Bitcoin has risen over the long-term following the last two halving events. However, it is difficult to state with certainty that these increases in price were directly attributable to halving events or due to other factors.

The economics of supply and demand, however, remain in effect. Once the halving event occurs, there will be a decrease in the supply of bitcoin left to mine. Therefore, should demand remain constant or grow for Bitcoin, economic principles should indicate a rise in the price of BTC/USD.