Trade global markets with leading broker FXCM and TradingView Charts

TradingView is a social network for traders and investors on Forex, Futures and Stock markets! With Live quotes, stock charts and expert trading ideas you can use TradingView every day and have the ability to execute your demo and live trading with FXCM.

With FXCM UK, you get:

  • Forex, Bitcoin, Gold in just one account
  • Tight Spreads e.g. GBP/USD 1.81
  • Up to 30:1 leverage on major currency pairs2
  • Enhanced Execution
  • Easy Funding: Credit & Debit Card, Online bank transfer supported

With TradingView you get:

Brand New Features

Volume profile indicators, multiple charts layout, advanced price scaling and many more!


Exclusive badge next to your name along with custom resolutions for symbols.

TradingView Live Trading Integration

TradingView Live Trading Integration with FXCM to trade directly from your TradingView charts.

In order to trade from your TradingView charts, please or follow the below steps:

  • In order to connect your account, you need to go to FXCM Trading Station Web terminal and log in with your Demo or Live Trading Account.
  • Then click on the area with your avatar in the upper right corner of the platform and select 'Token Management'.

  • Once you have your token authorised, log in to your FXCM live or demo account from TrdingView's Trading Panel and enjoy trading directly from your charts.