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Your Guide to Custom Trading

FXCM’s Programming Services offers custom MT4 and Trading Station programming. We can create an EA based on your trading rules and optimise your strategy for No Dealing Desk execution. Whatever your custom needs, we have the solution. Learn More


FXCM’s Programming Services offer valuable support and countless options for strategy automation. Trade automation can be an effective part of staying competitive.

In the current digital marketplace, success is often determined by speed and information systems capacity. In order to stay on the competitive lead-lap, a vast number of traders have made the decision to fully automate their approach to the forex marketplace.

To help get your strategy up and running quickly, FXCM’s Programming Services team offers valuable support and countless options.

Why Automate?

Trade automation is the discipline of programming a computer to conduct trading operations without human intervention. Many industry professionals have turned to automation to capitalise on its many advantages:


Automation removes the human element from the trading process. As a result, trades are executed in a consistent fashion, keeping emotion and bias from impacting profitability.

Upon being programmed, the software platform executes trades automatically according to predefined parameters.

Reduce Latency:
Trade-related latencies can greatly affect the efficiency by which a market is entered and exited. Through automation, the time it takes to execute a trade is greatly reduced.

FXCM’s Programming Services

FXCM’s Programming Services team can help in transitioning any trading plan into a functional automated system for use on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or Trading Station.

Through Programming Services, it is possible to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Create custom Expert Advisors (EAs) and automated strategies
  • Create custom tools or indicators for discretionary trading
  • Create custom alert programs based upon any defined criteria
  • Develop and implement advanced trade management systems that adhere to desired risk parameters

No matter the complexity of the desired strategy, it can be integrated into a fully functional automated trading system.

In many cases, a custom built system may not be necessary to satisfy your trading needs. A catalog of pre-made indicators, scripts and alerts are accessible through FXCM Apps.

Money Manager Tools And Institutional Services

In addition to meeting the needs of retail traders, the FXCM Programming Services team caters to the money manager and professional trader. A comprehensive collection of off-the-shelf programs stand ready to provide solutions facing risk management, order tracking and custom alerts.

A few examples of FXCM Programming Services’ custom built programs:

  • FXCM Trade Copier:
    Assists traders in managing multiple accounts. The Trade Copier duplicates trades from a designated account across any variety of separate accounts.
  • Order Slicer:
    The order slicer enables high volume traders to divide large orders into smaller ones for entry into the market. This function reduces negative impacts on the market, ensuring pricing efficiency.

FXCM Programming Services also solves challenges facing institutional traders. Due to the relative size of institutional market participants, a litany of daily operational requirements must be met. To accomplish these tasks manually is tedious and time consuming.

Below are a few ways that the Programming Services staff can help reduce the workload:

  • Automation of compliance reporting
  • Integration of custom reports into existing databasesg
  • Trading desk risk management software and unique alert systems

Getting Started

As an industry-leader in the provision of forex and CFD brokerage services, FXCM strives to provide active traders with the resources necessary to achieve any goal within the marketplace. No matter if you are an individual retail trader or institutional market participant, FXCM has the assets and knowledge to make your journey into the marketplace a positive one.

In the event that personalised functionality is necessary to conduct trading operations, then FXCM’s Programming Services team is the premier choice for support. Simply make contact using the online strategy quote form or via email at consulting@fxcm.com.