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Java API

Looking to create a client or server-side application? Java is a scalable, light and robust API based on the FIX specification for forex and customized for trading with FXCM.

The FXCM Trading SDK provides clients with a fully functioning programmable API into the FXCM FX trading platform. The API's main features are streaming executable FX trading prices, the ability to open/close positions and entry orders as well as set/update/delete stops ands limits. The API Object model is based on the FIX specification for FX (http://www.fixprotocol.org) and is very simple and easy to use.

  • Compatible on any Java-compliant operating system
  • Lightweight and based on FIX messaging
  • Able to get historical trades and rates

Getting Started

Already have an FXCM account?

Download JAVA SDK


  • An FXCM account, including free practice account. A standard or NDD account is required.
  • An IDE (i.e. Netbeans, Eclipse)

Need more info? View sample code and see documentation on FXCM's Java API GitHub page.