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ZuluTrade is one of the largest Social Auto-trading platform , which allows you to follow the trading activity and strategy of a diverse network of traders. You no longer have to analyse or monitor the markets as ZuluTrade Traders do it for you!

Already have an FXCM account? Just submit a Limited Trading Authorisation form to gain access to copy trading.

How does it work?


Follow top Traders for $30 a month

For a small monthly subscription fee, gain access to high performing Traders' strategies from different risk appetites.

Any potential profits generated on a monthly basis in a Profit Sharing account can off-set this amount.

And even in the case, that you have a month with negative PnL, a Profit Sharing model works out cheaper when compared to a Classic account, since with a Classic account you pay a mark-up plus volume based fees.

Profit Sharing 1

Pay a performance fee only if you have successful trades

Your trades execute with FXCM's competitive spreads and you pay a 25% of your profits to the Trader only if they have earned you a successful return on your investment.

No win, no performance fee type situation.

In contrast to a Classic Accounts where you must also pay a volume based fee even if you aren't profitable that month, the Profit Sharing performance fee is not payable if you don't have any returns on your investment. You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Combos 2

A combination of selected Traders

Don't know which Trader to copy? Choose a Combo, which offers you a pre-selected grouping of dynamic combinations of ZuluTrade's Traders based on variety of risk appetites and strategies to follow.

Traders forming Combos go under a strict criteria to be eligible to enter this groupings. Learn more.

Remember, ZuluTrade has your back.

Follow and Copy
Individual Traders or Combos

ZuluTrade selects its Traders using advanced algorithms and a dedicated Trading Desk. They do the hard work so you only focus in selecting and following the Trader that fits your trading style. Learn more about Traders' selection here.

Past performance is not an indicator of future results. The information provided within the featured traders above does not constitute investment advice. Following a featured trader does not guarantee that trading will result in profits or not result in losses. We recommend that you carefully review the information on ZuluTrade's website and the risks associated with their service. FXCM is not liable for any errors, omissions, delays or actions as a result of your use of this Service Provider.

Already have an FXCM account? Just submit a Limited Trading Authorisation form to gain access to copy trading.

Trade On the Go

The ZuluTrade Mobile Application for both Android and iOS, enables you to access the markets and manage your account anytime, from anywhere. Download App

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Open a Live Account

  1. Apply for an FXCM ZuluTrade Account
  2. Submit a Limited Trading Authorisation form in order to allow copy trading in your account
  3. Activate your ZuluTrade trading account after FXCM's team has contacted you with further instructions

Already have an FXCM account? Just submit a Limited Trading Authorisation form to gain access to copy trading.

Demo Account

Practice Copy Trading with a Demo Account3

See ZuluTrade in Action!

  1. Sign up for a Demo Account directly with ZuluTrade
  2. Discover the platform, follow Traders and discovers how copy trading works!
  3. When ready, come back here and open an FXCM ZuluTrade trading account to get started!

Become a Trader with ZuluTrade

Do you want to monetize your strategy?

  1. New FXCM Clients, . Existing clients can skip this step.
  2. Submit a Request Access Form to gain access to the Trader Program
  3. Wait for an FXCM email with instructions to connect your FXCM trading account with ZuluTrade.

Done! Then, just share your strategy, gain followers and start providing your trading signals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my MT4 or Ninja account with ZuluTrade?

No, currently you can only trade with a Trading Station account on read-only mode.

Which platform is used to execute trades from ZuluTrade?

A Trading Station account on a read-only mode.

How do I enable copy trading with ZuluTrade?

If are an existing client of FXCM, you just need to fill out a Limited Trading Authorisation to enable copy-trading on your account. If you are new to FXCM you will need to apply for a ZuluTrade account

Does ZuluTrade offer any account balance protection?

ZuluTrade offers "ZuluGuard", which is a feature which first monitors each Trader's behavior and automatically removes a Trader when detecting a trading strategy has deviated from its expected loss profile. And second, it creates a protection shield for your investment capital based on your own settings when you follow a Trader or a Combo. Learn more

Will FXCM charge me anything for using ZuluTrade?

No, FXCM does not charge you anything for using ZuluTrade, however there is a monthly fee of 30USD you will need to pay directly to ZuluTrade.

Will my trading cost with FXCM change by using ZuluTrade?

No, your trading cost remains the same. However, given the type of account: Profit Sharing, you shall pay 25% of your profit generated by each of the Trader your follow directly to ZuluTrade, in addition to the monthly subscription fee you will need to pay ZuluTrade for using their service. For more information, please review ZuluTrade's Terms of Service.

What are the differences between copy-trading with a Profit Sharing Model account vs a Classic Model account?

With a profit sharing account:

  • You don't have to pay ZuluTrade a commission per trade (volume-based fees) but rather a percentage of your profit only if the Trader(s) you follow has earned you a return on your investment. The monthly performance fee is 25%. The profit-sharing model (25%) is bound per Trader, not per account.
  • In case of a less favourable monthly PnL, your expense would be lower as you would only pay a subscription fee of 30 USD and a performance fee to the Traders that provided you with a return, unlike volume-based trading, where you would have to cover a fee per trade irrespective of having a profitable month or not with the Trader you follow.
  • You can benefit from FXCM's competitive spreads without having to worry about a mark-up which can end up affecting your overall trading costs.

The example below has been done by following the 1 rolling month history of the Trader "Swartout" – the higher the pro-rata percentage you use to copy the trading strategy, the more you can realise the benefits of this model vs a mark-up/volume based model.

Classic (volume based) PRO-RATA 100% PRO-RATA 10% PRO-RATA 1%
Traders' Profits $2,454.42 $245.44 $24.54
Commissions $935.00 $93.50 $9.35
Investor's net profits $1,519.42 $151.94 $15.19
Profit Sharing PRO-RATA 100% PRO-RATA 10% PRO-RATA 1%
Traders' Profits $2454.42 $245.44 $24.5442
Subscription Fee $30.00 $30.00 $30.00
PS 25% $613.61 $61.36 $6.14
Investor's net profits $1,810.82 $154.08 $(11.59)

Please remember that past performance is not an indicator of future results. There is no guarantee that trading will result in profits or not result in losses.

How does Profit Sharing work?

ZuluTrade Profit Sharing Account model means you will share 25% of your overall profits at the end of the month. Therefore, for every profitable month PnL generated from a Trader that you follow, your card will be charged a 25% Performance Fee. You may cancel your subscription at any time. For more information, please review ZuluTrade's Terms of Service.

Can I trade directly from my Trading Station account?

No, your ZuluTrade Trading account with FXCM is set to read-only, meaning you cannot places any trades there. Only the trades from Traders you follow from ZuluTrade will be reflected on your FXCM trading account.

Can I modify stops/limits after opening a position?

User can either follow a) Combos or b) individual Traders. You are also allowed to:

  • close all the positions of your portfolio,
  • close all the positions per trader

Can I change the size of an open position?

Existing positions cannot be amended. You can only close existing positions.

Can I copy more than one Trader?

Yes, you can select, as many Traders are you wish. They all have performance related stats so you can select the ones that are appropriate to your risk appetite.

Is ZuluTrade available on PC, MAC, and mobile application?

It is a web-based application so no need to do any downloads for your computer. You can also access your ZuluTrade account via the mobile app.

What is the minimum size?

You have the option to trade Micro, Mini and Standard lots. You can change this on the ZuluTrade platform under "Account" → "Settings". You can also adjust the settings to limit the total number of lots (mini) that can be open and/or pending at any one time in your ZuluTrade Account.

How does ZuluTrade rank Traders?

Please see this link to learn about the ZuluTrade ranking system uses to select the best performing Traders. Remember that past performance is not an indicator of future results.

How can I get other traders to follow me?

Currently, this feature is not available but very soon you will be able to register with ZuluTrade to monetize your strategies.

Should I contact ZuluTrade or FXCM if I have a problem?

You can contact either. ZuluTrade at support@ZuluTrade.com or FXCM directly.


Profit sharing accounts are subject to a monthly subscription fee and a monthly performance fee per selected trading system. The monthly performance fee is based upon the profit you made from each trader you follow. For more information on profit sharing accounts and applicable fees, please review ZuluTrade's Terms of Service. Trading via a profit sharing account carries a high level of risk and may not be appropriate for all investors. There is no guarantee that trading will result in profits or not result in losses


Combos are composed based on the included Traders' strategy and past performance statistics. Past performance is not an indicator of future results. Combos are not intended as and do not constitute nor are construed as an investment advice. Please refer to ZuluTrade's Terms of Service for more information regarding combos and the classification and selection of Traders.

ZuluTrade is an independent legal entity acting as a Service Provider for FXCM and is not affiliated with FXCM. FXCM does not endorse any product or service of the Service Provider and is not liable for any errors, omissions, delays, or actions as a result of your use of this Service Provider. Nothing associated with this Service Provider's offering shall be considered a solicitation to buy or an offer to sell any product or service to any person in any jurisdiction where such offer, solicitation, purchase or sale would be unlawful under the laws or regulations of such jurisdiction. There is not guarantee that trading will result in profits or not result in losses.

Cryptocurrency products are only available to Professional and Eligible Counterparty Clients.

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