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How do I deposit funds?

Please log in to MYFXCM with your live account username and password, then click "Deposit Funds". (For clients who have filled out the online application but have not received an account username,…

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How do I download and install MetaTrader 4?

Click here to download MetaTrader 4 to your computer. Depending on your browser the download may be shown in a specific location. If you are using Internet Explorer: Once the download is…

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How do I open an account?

To open an account please click here.

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Oil products – Important Information

Due to the current exceptional market events related to this product, please note we may take such action as reasonably required, including but not limited to amending trading times or…

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What are the current margin requirements?

https://www.fxcm.com/eu/margin-updates/  Deposit Funds Now   

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What documents are needed for Identification (ID) and Proof of Residence when opening a new account?

What documents are accepted for the government issued ID? Government issued photo IDs can be any of the following: Passport Driver's License Non-driver's ID What documents are accepted for Proof…

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What is FXCM’s current service level in light of COVID-19?

As a globally represented company, FXCM has robust business continuity plans. All of our services are currently fully operational and our support staff are here to answer questions 24/5. For…

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What is my login and password?

If you forgot either the login or password for your Live account, please go to MyFXCM. Select, “Forgot Login/Password” and follow the prompts to email yourself a password reset. Once you complete the…

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