Sort Forex Trading Signals by Profit

ZuluTrade offers hundreds of signal providers for you to choose from. Providers receive a compensation of 0.5 pips for each lot traded from their signals. They are therefore incentivized to have a consistently good performance so they can maintain and attract more subscribers.

But what makes a good signal provider?

Zulutrade Sorting Features

It is relatively simple to sort signals based on their total profits1, however, subscribing to a signal provider based on this one parameter alone is not always a good idea. This is why ZuluTrade has introduced sophisticated sorting features to help you make the best choices that accommodate your trading needs and fit within your personal level of risk tolerance.

To get started, FXCM suggests that you:

  • Choose signal providers with positive reviews, high rankings, and a strong live following.
  • Select a provider with consistent monthly profits1 and a low max drawdown.
  • Diversify signals across different currency pairs to lower your exposure to potentially volatile news events.