Forex Risk Management Platform

After testing a series of signals on your demo account, you may find that there are multiple that you would like to subscribe to. However, depending on your initial funding amount, you may not have the available equity to maintain all the positions that are triggered to open with your various subscriptions. This however, does not mean that you need to narrow down your list of providers, you must simply apply the appropriate risk management settings on your account. ZuluTrade has introduced several features to help you manage your risk.

Open Lot Settings

Zulutrade Peer to Peer

On the settings tabs, you can select your:

  • Max Open Lots: This is the total number of lots that can be opened and/or pending at any one time in your account.
  • Lots Per Provider: This is the total number of lots that can be traded for each individual trade sent through from that provider.
  • Max Lots: This is the maximum number of lots that a single provider can place in your account.

Margin Call -o- meter

Perhaps ZuluTrade's most useful risk management tool is the Margin Call -o- meter. A margin call is triggered when your usable margin falls below zero. This occurs when your floating losses reduce your account equity to a level that is less than your margin requirement.

ZuluTrade's Margin Call -o- meter is designed to help you gauge whether the parameter settings that you have chosen put your account at risk for a margin call. It considers your account equity and the total number of possible open lots that can be opened at any one time on your account. If the total allowed number of lots puts your account at risk, the Margin Call -o- meter will turn red.

By limiting the possible amount of open trades, you can decrease your chances of being prematurely liquidated, and thus prolong your FX trading career.