The Forex Trading Course from DailyFX PLUS - FXCM

Trading Course

There are several important skills needed in order to become a successful forex trader. And like all skills, learning them takes a bit of time and practice. With the interactive DailyFX PLUS Trading Course, you can learn how to analyze and trade the market from experienced instructors and traders.

The DailyFX PLUS Trading Course is FREE to all live clients of FXCM. If you are a live client, log in to DailyFX PLUS with your username and password. If you are not a live client, you can register for a free trial or sign up for a live account.

What You Learn

  • Technical Indicators Including: MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands
  • Trading Strategies Including: Carry Trade, Elliott Wave, and Candlestick Patterns
  • Sound Money Management Techniques for Forex Trading

How It Works

  • On-Demand Video Courses: Learn to trade forex or discover new strategies and trading tips from these video courses. Choose from sixty lessons that cover a range of basic and advanced topics: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, money management, and more.
  • Live Classroom: Learn to trade forex from the DailyFX course instructors. Join live trading sessions, Monday through Friday, to learn simple and advanced forex concepts and strategies. Real, current trading examples are used to maximize their effectiveness.
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