Deposit by Bank Wire

One way to deposit trading funds into your FXCM account is by bank wire. We show you where to get FXCM bank information appropriate to your account

Depositing funds into your FXCM trading account via bank wire can be done in a few easy steps. Although you are unable to submit your wire deposit online, getting the information to take to your bank is simple. You are currently viewing the deposit funds page. To get started, click on the bank wire option. If you scroll down, you will see the information for many different bank accounts. For your convenience, FXCM has several bank accounts denominated in different currencies. The banking details seen here correspond with our FXCM Group entity. It is important to note the banking details will be different for all of the FXCM entities. Therefore, it is important that you click deposit funds from the FXCM website that corresponds with your trading account's entity. This will help prevent delays and processing. Determine which bank account is most suited for your depositing needs. For example, someone with a trading account held with FXCM and denominated in Aussie dollars should select to send his wire deposit to the bank account ending in 071. Since this bank account is denominated in the same currency as the client's trading account, the funds won't have to be converted before being deposited. Select the correct FXCM bank account and click print. Print the applicable FXCM banking information and take it to your bank to be included in the details of your bank wire. Once your wire has been submitted by your bank, please allow one to two business days for domestic wires, where three to five business days for international wires to be reflected in your trading account. If you have any questions regarding your deposit, please refer to the FAQs located on the same page where you selected your funding method. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in the FAQs, or if there is an issue with your wire deposit, feel free to contact our office at any time.


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