FXCM Group Press Releases

New to Forex

The foreign exchange market, or simply forex, is a preferred venue for individuals with the drive and ambition to succeed in the marketplace. Featuring immense liquidity, considerable periodic volatilities and a vast array of trading alternatives, the forex is a premier outlet for potential opportunity.

New to Forex

Millions of people around the globe have decided to actively engage the forex, making it the world’s largest market. As of April 2016, average daily traded volumes measured north of US$5 trillion, up more than 25% from levels seen in 20101. Primary causes for such growth could be attributed to low barriers to market entry, extensive market hours, advancing financial literacy and a wealth of resources readily available for new trader development.

As a starting point for aspiring currency market participants, FXCM provides a comprehensive educational suite valuable to any party interested in learning how to trade forex.

Learning to Trade Forex

Acquiring a strong knowledge base is a key driver of achievement in any discipline. Forex trading is no different; effort and determination are required for a successful endeavour into the marketplace.

FXCM affords clients and interested parties a collection of materials that aim to enhance trader development:

Last but not least, interested individuals can get accustomed to entering and exiting the markets in real-time, risk-free with the $5,000 demo account.

Why Trade Forex

Trading forex currency pairs is similar to the buying and selling of other securities in many ways. However, in contrast to more traditional means of capital investment, one has the freedom to profit from markets that are rising or falling. Not only is one able to buy low and sell high, selling high and buying low is also an option.

The forex is open for business 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, making active trading a possibility for anyone, no matter how constraining one’s schedule may be. A full-time job is no longer an impediment to the achievement of market-related goals. In order to aid in the development of trading strategies conducive to those with limited time, FXCM’s forex specialists are available for consultation.

With high market liquidity and an easily accessible online marketplace with flexible time guidelines, trading forex is an advantageous way to engage the capital markets.