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Transfer from FXCM LLC (FXCM US) to FXCM LTD (FXCM UK)

In order to transfer your account, please read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

U.S. residents may not transfer their accounts to FXCM LTD.

U.S. regulation requires that brokers must be registered with the CFTC (U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission) in order to be counterparties to U.S. retail investors in OTC forex transactions.

By clicking below I acknowledge, authorize and direct FXCM LLC to transfer the full balance out of my provided account to an account with FXCM LTD. I understand that I am required to monitor my account regularly, and ensure that available margin exists in the account prior to submitting this request. I shall hold FXCM LLC and its affiliates harmless for any and all claims regarding such funds transfer upon proper credit to my new FXCM LTD account.

In providing such authorization and direction, I consent to the following conditions:

  1. I have read and agreed to the provisions of the FXCM LTD. Agreement (the "Agreement"), and consent to all Terms of Business: FXCM LTD Terms of Business

  2. I have read, understood and agreed to the FXCM LTD. Risk Disclosure, Conflict of Interest Policy and Execution Policy.

  3. I understand that by consenting to the transfer of the provided account, all funds from this account will be transferred to a new account with FXCM LTD within two business days.

  4. I shall be classified as a retail client unless I specifically request to be classified otherwise.

  5. I acknowledge and agree that the Agreement will govern the Account with FXCM LTD. and that all of the provisions of the Agreement are deemed incorporated by reference into this form.

  6. I agree to execute and deliver, or cause to be executed and delivered, any other agreements or instruments which may reasonably be requested in respect of the transfer of the Account and the establishment thereof as an Account with FXCM LTD.

  7. I authorize and direct FXCM LLC to provide FXCM LTD. with any personal information related to my Account which may reasonably be required in order to permit FXCM LTD. to properly establish and administer the Account.

  8. I acknowledge and agree that the FCA's client money rules will apply. Available margin must exist in order for funds to be transferred, as removal of funds may result in a margin call. I shall hold FXCM LTD and its affiliates harmless of any and all claims regarding such funds transfer upon proper credit to the above named account.

  9. I understand and acknowledge that my account will no longer be held with FXCM LLC which falls under NFA/CFTC jurisdiction (NFA ID: 0308179) and that my account will now be held with FXCM LTD which is regulated by the FCA (Firm Registration Number 217689).

You will receive a confirmation from FXCM LTD within two business days. If you do not receive a confirmation from FXCM, please contact client services.

Note: Corporate Accounts must submit Articles of Organization that state the purpose for which the company was formed, indicate the members of the company, and permissibility of company funds to be used in investments, or other similar authenticating documents with this application. This documentation should also include a breakdown of the shares of the company. If any shareholder owns more than 25% of the company, FXCM LTD will require an ID and proof of residence from that individual. Please submit this documentation via fax to +0800 014 8154 or via email as a scanned image to FXCM Operations at


We have received your request to transfer your account from FXCM LLC to FXCM LTD. Your account will be transferred within two business days.

To learn more about the benefits you will gain after your account has transfered, or to read frequently asked questions regarding the transfer, continue reading further down this page.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our account specialists directly. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

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