Flat Fees on FX
for Active Traders

As an active trader, you can save up to 84% with the new FX €4.99 flat fee per order for any ticket size.

Active Trader benefits also include dedicated support, premium services and customer solutions.

Additional insurance up to €1 million1

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New FX Flat Fee
Broker Example
Hypothetical Trade Size: 500.000

How you can stay in the green Let's take a look at some examples. You can see how our FX Flat Fee rates stack up against other Pricing models.

Raw FX-Spreads with target of 0,1 on EUR/USD

Low flat fee of 4.99 €, regardless of ticket size

No hidden fees,no commissions


Pricing Model Broker Type 1: Spread Mark Up Broker Type 2: Commission Based FXCM FX Flat Fee
Target Spreads 1 Pip 0.1 Pips 0.1 Pips
Commissions Fixed Markup on Spread 4.99 € per 100k 4.99 € flat fee
Total Cost for 10 trades of 1M EUR/USD 920.00 € 591.00 € 141.90 €
Cost saving vs. Type 1 0% -35.76% -84.58%
Cost saving vs. Type 2 0% 0% -75.99%

Stop wondering how much you're paying in fees.
With a low flat fee of €4.99 per order, you can trade with confidence, no matter the size of your ticket.

Trade Size (EUR/USD) Other Pricing models FXCM FX Flat Fee
50.000 2.50€ 4.99€
100.000 4.99€ 4.99€
500.000 24.95€ 4.99€
1.000.000 49.90€ 4.99€
5.000.000 249.50€ 4.99€

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Active Trader benefits also include dedicated support, premium services and customer solutions.

Free Events

Free access to our Seminars, Webinars and Trading Events

Trading Tools

Full access to an outstanding range of trading tools and professional platforms

Fund Insurance

Segregated client funds with additional insurance up to €1 million.

Live Support

A committed team of experienced professionals offer top-tier support

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this new offering different from other offerings in the market?

Our new FX flat fee offering is designed for active traders who are looking to maximize their trading potential without being burdened by high trading costs. With this offering, traders can enjoy trading with no hidden fees, just a flat fee of €4.99 per order, regardless the FX pair and the ticket size.

Is the FX Flat Fee available on any other products?

The Flat Fee is only available on forex pairs. All other CFDs trade with €0 commission.

Is the FX Flat Fee suitable for my trading needs?

FX Flat Fee is a tailor-made pricing for active traders. At FXCM, every trader's needs matter. Call us at +357 22022619 or Email us on info@fxcm.eu to see if this offering is suitable for you.

How can I opt-in to the FX Flat Fee?

Open an account with FXCM by completing our Online Application. If you are already a FXCM client, call +357 22022619 or email info@fxcm.eu to learn more.

How can I opt-out of the FX Flat Fee?

Call +357 22022619 or email info@fxcm.eu to request to opt-out.

Can you provide me with a rate card for flat fee with examples?

Please find attached our flat fee rate card with few examples.


In cooperation with Lloyd's of London, FXCM offers an extra level of security to retail clients. In addition to the ICF protection, this insurance protects clients' funds up to € 1 000 000 per client.