Hvordan kan vi hjælpe?

What is the Orders window?

This window is devoted to keeping track of entry, range entry, and OCO orders.

  • Order ID provides the unique ID number of the entry order.
  • Account provides the unique ID number of the account from which the entry order is placed.
  • T (Type) provides the type of the order:
    • SE - Stop Entry order.
    • STE - Trailing Stop Entry order.
    • LE - Limit Entry order.
    • LTE - Trailing Limit Entry order.
    • RE - Range Entry order.
    • RTE - Trailing Range Entry order.
  • Status provides the current status of the order (Waiting, In Process, Pending or Cancelled).
  • Symbol provides the symbol to be bought or sold by the order.
  • Amount provides the amount of the order. The amount is expressed in thousands for Forex.
  • Buy provides the order price of a long position. Sell provides the order price of a short position.
  • Range is the amount of pips you are willing to deviate from if your order cannot be executed at the exact price specified.
  • Stop provides the entry order stop price.
  • Limit provides the entry order limit price.
  • Time provides the date and time when the order was created.
  • Expire Date provides the date and time when the order expires. This column provides data only for the entry orders with GTD time in force option.

${getInstrumentData.name} / ${getInstrumentData.ticker} /

Børsen: ${getInstrumentData.exchange}

${getInstrumentData.bid} ${getInstrumentData.divCcy} ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%) ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%)

${getInstrumentData.oneYearLow} 52/wk Range ${getInstrumentData.oneYearHigh}