Hvordan kan vi hjælpe?

What is the Menu Bar?

The menu bar will provide you with functions which you can utilize for trading.

  • The Buy and Sell buttons can be used to place orders on various currency pairs. The default symbol selected will be the last currency pair you interacted with in the Dealing Rates Windows.
  • Stop/Limit can be used to set a stop or limit order for Existing Positions. You will be unable to use this function unless a position is highlighted in the Summary Window or the Open Positions Window.
  • Close allows you to close out existing positions. You will be unable to use this function unless a position is highlighted in the Summary Window or the Open Positions Window.
  • Entry allows you to place an entry order.
  • Trading Settings allows you to choose between One Click, Click and Confirm, and Double Click trading. It also allows you to set the parameters for One Click and Double Click.
  • Strategies allows you to select a Strategy to run on your account. It also allows you to set parameters for the selected Strategy.
  • Symbols allows you to select which currency pairs can be viewed on your platform from the available list.
  • Report allows you to generate a Combined Account Statement for a selected period. Here you can view information such as your closed trades, outstanding orders, floating positions, and account activity. This same statement can be accessed through MyFXCM.com
  • MyFXCM redirects you to myfxcm.com, your account management portal.
  • Chat redirects you to FXCM’s Client Services Chat.
  • Create Chart will open up a new chart in Marketscope (discussed below).
  • Backtest Strategy will allow you to evaluate a selected strategy’s success based of past data.
  • Optimize Strategy enables you to test a strategy’s parameters to see which are hypothetically the most profitable. 

The toolbar at the top is useful for changing settings and optimizing the platform for personal preferences.

  • System- This is where most of the platform’s details can be changed, particularly in Options. Here, a trader can change anything from the color of candlesticks to the platform’s font.
  • View can be useful for managing windows. Default Layout can be pressed to restore the platform back to the original layout.
  • Trading allows you to access the trading functionality of various windows.
  • Charts is best used to open new MarketScopes.
  • Alerts and Automation contains everything that has to do with strategies and alerts.
  • Help is the menu to visit if a trader ever finds themselves in need of assistance. 

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