Hvordan kan vi hjælpe?

What are profiles in Trading Station, and how do I save them/back them up/import them/apply them?

In the Trading Station desktop platform, a Profile saves the overall look and feel of your platform. It also saves all currently open copies of Marketscope and the charts on each Marketscope. By saving a profile with options (explained further later on), you are saving:

-any custom skin you applied,

-the windows/tabs that are currently open on your Trading Station page and how they are arranged (Simple Dealing Rates, News, Accounts, Summary, etc.),

-anything that you have changed from the default settings in the System->Options menus and Marketscope->File>Options menus (the time zone your platform is set to...the fractional pip format...font sizes...whether price gaps are set to show or be hidden on your charts....chart background color...SMTP/email alert details....and much more!)

To save a profile, go to the Trading Station window->View->Profiles->Save Profile. Type in a name and description, make sure "Save options" is checked, and click OK. (If Save options is not checked, then saving the profile will only save which windows/tabs you have opened and arranged in the Trading Station window, but will not save anything you have set/changed in any of the Options menus.)

That profile you just saved, is saved at this location on your computer: 

C:Program Files (x86)CandleworksFXTS2Profiles. (If you have a 32-bit computer, the location will be C:Program FilesCandleworksFXTS2Profiles.)

To backup your profiles, copy the above folder, and paste into your backup location (desktop, cloud, or wherever you like). Now, if the original folder is lost or deleted, you can paste your backup copy into any new installation of the Trading Station. You can also send it to yourself via email, and use the same profiles on Trading Station on another computer.

To apply a saved profile:  View->Profiles->Open Profile

*We recommend that you always create a backup file and update it regularly so that you can import important settings to the platform in case of a loss, due to crashing or fully uninstalling the platform, etc.

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