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Execution & Rollover

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A Close Range order functions exactly like an Close Market order with the added benefit of allowing traders to set an “acceptable” range at which they would like to be filled. Close range orders are ideal for limiting negative slippage.…

If a better price [than initially offered] becomes available before your trade executes, FXCM will always give you the best available price. When an order fills at a better or more favorable price than the price you request, it is…

${getInstrumentData.name} / ${getInstrumentData.ticker} /

Børsen: ${getInstrumentData.exchange}

${getInstrumentData.bid} ${getInstrumentData.divCcy} ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%) ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%)

${getInstrumentData.oneYearLow} 52/wk Range ${getInstrumentData.oneYearHigh}