Hvordan kan vi hjælpe?


Hedging can be turned on by logging into www.myfxcm.com and selecting "Hedging Functionality" from the "Account Settings" drop down menu.

If you would like an account denominated in a different currency, please follow the steps below to open a new account in the desired currency. *You cannot change the currency on an existing account, you must open a new account…

You can edit your email address within MyFXCM.com or you can send an email to admin@fxcm.com from the email address listed on your application indicating the new email address you wish to use.

1. Login to www.myfxcm.com 2. From the menu, click on My Info->Profile 3. Scroll down to the "Contact Information" section. Click on the Update button. 4. Make the updates in the various fields as needed/indicated. The fields with a red…

You can obtain an account statement/report via 2 methods: 1. Log in to www.myfxcm.com using the login for the account you want to run the report on. From the menu, go to My Info->Reports. Fill out each field as desired,…

${getInstrumentData.name} / ${getInstrumentData.ticker} /

Børsen: ${getInstrumentData.exchange}

${getInstrumentData.bid} ${getInstrumentData.divCcy} ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%) ${getInstrumentData.priceChange} (${getInstrumentData.percentChange}%)

${getInstrumentData.oneYearLow} 52/wk Range ${getInstrumentData.oneYearHigh}