Award-Winning Trading Software

Trading Station is our innovative, designed with you in mind. We took 10 years of feedback and data from our traders to create a robust platform that meets the demands of our traders, from the newest to the most experienced.

Sleek design meets intuitive functionality

Our dedicated team of developers have created one of the best forex platforms in the market. With Trading Station, you not only get robust and convenient Desktop, Web and Mobile access, you also get a trading edge with platform capabilities unique to a single software offering.

Trading Station on Desktop
  • Explore multiple order types
  • See real-time prices
  • Save time with dozens of preloaded indicators
  • Stay on top of your trades with email alerts

Plus, you get access to exclusive tools with Trading Station, like our unique order type, Good Till Date, which lets you execute at specific times; streaming global news; and our exclusive Real Volume indicators.