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One-Click Trading

Key Features

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One Click Trading Mode
  • Place market orders with just one click
  • An excellent option for news-event traders
  • Choose from "One-Click," "Double-Click," and "Click and Confirm" trading modes

Setting Your Trading Mode

You can change your trading mode at any time by clicking the "Trading Settings" button.

Select Trading Mode

There are three modes to choose from:

  • Click and Confirm
  • One-Click
  • Double-Click

The default mode for all accounts is "Click and Confirm."

You also can choose your order type ("At Market" or "Market Range") for the "One-Click" and "Double Click" modes in this window. Click here to learn more about "At Market" and "Market Range" order types.

Select Trading: Choose Mode

Click and Confirm

This is the default trading mode. Every time you buy, sell, or close a position, you will receive a confirmation window with the parameters of the order. This allows you to easily check that you have keyed in your order correctly before making it.

Select Trading: Create a Market Order

One Click

To open a buy or sell position, simply click on the "Buy" or "Sell" price for the currency pair you want. You can set the number of lots you want to trade in the dealing rates box before clicking on the price.

Select Trading: Create a Market Order

Double Click

This trading mode works just like One Click trading mode, but instead of making one click to make an order, you double-click, as you do when opening a program in Microsoft Windows.

The Advantages of One-Click Trading

"One-Click Trading" was designed with the news-event trader in mind. It is a useful method to improve the speed of your order entry. In today's volatile financial markets, every second can count, and "One-Click Trading" (especially when combined with "At Market" orders) can give you an edge in navigating them.

Good Until Cancelled (GTC) and Immediate Or Cancelled (IOC)

If using At Market Orders, you can choose their "time in force" setting in your Trading Settings. The default time in force is GTC.

GTC: Your entire order will be filled at the best available price(s), which includes our markup, at the time the system receives it. In some situations, the best price available may not have enough liquidity to fill your entire order. These prices include our mark-up, which may vary based on account type and liquidity provider.§ In this case, as much of your order as is possible will be filled at that price level, while the remaining portions of that order will be executed at the next available price(s), until your entire order is filled.

IOC: This allows you the opportunity to have any part of your order filled at the best available price(s), which includes FXCM's markup, with the remaining unfilled amount cancelled if liquidity is unavailable from our price providers. This order type is useful during news announcements and for currency pairs which tend to have less liquidity during certain trading sessions (example: GBP/USD and GBP crosses during Asian Hours).